Zodaka A-Z: Getting Started with a Merchant Account

Our easy how-to guide on providing safe and secure electronic payment solutions for your customers.


Selecting the best electronic payment system for your business is one of the essential choices that you'll make as a high risk, cannabis, or CBD entrepreneur. Picking the wrong payment system can set you back months, and at the worst it can entirely cripple your business before you even get going. That’s why Zodaka’s no-reserve, no chargeback, completely domestic universal payment platform empowers your business to avoid the headaches of cash and start processing faster, safer, and more effectively than ever. Our payment gateway is legal and compliant in all 50 states, so you’ll never need to hide your business again. Stop worrying about your money and put the focus where it needs to be - on your business.

Merchants switch to Zodaka’s secure, reliable, easy-to-use cannabis, CBD, and high risk payment system for a number of reasons. Many of our merchants have been through the ringer over and over with high risk payment processors charging upwards of 8%-10% per transaction. They need an affordable solution if they are going to stay in the high risk industry, otherwise they would be better off selling artisanal cheese. Many of them are tired of sending their funds to risky offshore bank accounts just so they can sell hemp tea on the internet. The entire cannabis/CBD market has been dying for a cashless option for over a decade, and all they’ve gotten for their pains are a handful of e-wallet solutions, frustrating ATM workarounds, and non-compliant offshore accounts. All the hoops that cannabis, CBD, and high risk merchants have to jump through to sell their products seemed silly, which is why our founders created Zodaka: the secure, reliable, easy-to-use cannabis, CBD, and high risk payment solution the market has been waiting for. 

There are a few ways to apply for a Zodaka merchant account. The first and quickest is to head to our website at Zodaka.com and select “Become a Merchant”. From there, you fill in a few simple fields and submit your info to our onboarding team. Within one to two business days a member of this team will get in touch (this is your Account Executive) to answer any questions you have, give you background on Zodaka, and start your account creation process by sending you our initial onboarding packet. Once you complete the onboarding packet we send this info to our underwriting team who run a brief background check to make sure you have no history of financial crime (99% of applicants pass this process). Once you pass underwriting, your Account Executive will send over everything you need to set up your plugin and start processing transactions! You can also email Info@Zodaka.com to get started.

Once you are officially up and running as a Zodaka merchant, you will be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM). This individual will be in charge of helping you increase your user-adoption as much as possible through the use of social media posts, marketing materials, and anything else you feel would increase the likelihood of customers paying via your new Zodaka plugin. You also can refer any Zodaka-related questions your customers have to our customer support team at Support@Zodaka.com.

From there your options are limitless! You can always contact Zodaka if you need assistance increasing your business, because your success is our success! Prefer to do things on your own? No problem, you’re still welcome to take advantage of Zodaka customer support to save time. Zodaka is here to maximize your success, whatever that means for you. Ready to get started? Head to Zodaka.com or shoot us an email at Info@Zodaka.com today!