Top Five Benefits of the Zodaka Universal Payment Platform


There is no shortage of companies trying to take advantage of businesses looking for payment processing and banking options - especially in cannabis and other high-risk industries such as nutraceuticals and CBD. However, not all companies are created equal. Meet Zodaka, the only payment processing company you’ll need for quick, secure and dependable processing. Our universal payment platform provides myriad benefits to merchants and customers alike.

Easy and Simple Merchant Signup in as little as two days

Our signup process is easy and streamlined to allow you to get up and running quickly so you can focus on growing and running your business. Simply fill out a questionnaire and an application. Our underwriting team will quickly review your application and have you processing payments in no time. From signup to processing in as little as two days.

Your Safety and Security are our top priority

Safety and security are our top priority. Zodaka guarantees system security by utilizing a number of programs working in conjunction. Every piece of data we implement is encrypted with SHA (Secure Hash Algorithm) 256-bit security, a cryptographic system designed by the NSA. We use JSON Web Tokens (JWT) to authenticate registered users, as well as standard HTTPS Web-Protocols and a closed-session system

Keep stress down with Zodaka SafeGuard TM

Zodaka SafeGuard works for merchants by keeping bad transactions off of your final account while ensuring good transactions are deposited like clockwork. Protect your checking account from the unnecessary stress of hundreds of payments from multiple individual customers. Failed transactions do not occur at your bank, instead at the Safeguard account (meaning your business bank account is protected). Within two days of a non-sufficient transaction failure, Zodaka will begin the recuperation of funds process without you having to lift a finger.

We’ve got you covered with our Superior Customer Support

When you sign up with Zodaka, you’re assigned a dedicated support staff including a personal merchant success manager and customer support team who do everything from assisting with setting up your account to providing ongoing service to ensure your payments are running smoothly. You can also refer any Zodaka-related customer service issues to our team, keeping those issues off your busy plate.  Keep track of billing, customers, transactions, and revenue via your Zodaka Merchant Portal.

A Smooth, Easy Customer Experience

Zodaka’s customer signup is streamlined to make it quick, easy, and straightforward. Zodaka’s direct digital payment system increases your sales and efficiency by enabling customers to conveniently pay for cannabis products online or in-store without the need to carry cash. In addition, online payment for in-store pickup helps you helps eliminate long lines, improves efficiency and traffic flow, and creates a better customer experience all while allowing you to increase your store’s revenue per square foot.

At Zodaka we understand the difficulties that come with banking in cannabis. That’s why we offer a full banking network so that our clients always have a place to safely bank their cannabis profits. Interested in learning more? Sign up for a free demo by filling out our Merchant application at, or email us at to get in touch today.