The Zodaka Story

High-risk industries are changing the face of the country. New (and old) industries such as CBD, nutraceuticals and cannabis loom large in the American economy, and yet these blockbuster industries still find themselves up against roadblocks on a daily basis.

The legal cannabis industry is a giant and its national potential has not even been tapped. The industry is expected to become a $146.4 billion juggernaut by 2025, but it’s still difficult for many cannabis stores to navigate the complex regulations around banking and payment in the industry. Sound ridiculous? We thought so too. We believe it’s past time for a change.

Our founders, a father and son duo from Oakland, took one look at the hurdles high-risk industries have to clear and knew there had to be a better way. Pooling their resources and vast business experience, they recruited a team of Silicon Valley all-stars, including innovative engineers and business development professionals, and set out to create a payment platform that could serve all industries safely and effectively. Thus, Zodaka was born.

Reinventing modern payment methods is no small task, but our team leapt at the challenge, working to reimagine the future of payment. After months of research and development, we pushed our way into the future. Casting aside debit, credit cards, and unpredictable cryptocurrencies that can be shut down in a millisecond, our team of innovators cracked the payment code. Now, we’re able to bring dependable and frictionless payment processing and banking services to high-risk industries and beyond.

The Zodaka mission is to bring legitimate and scalable payment processing to cannabis and other high-risk industries. Our system is easy to integrate, simple to use, and beneficial to both merchants and consumers. We’re committed to providing the most innovative and reliable software solution in the high-risk processing market and to delivering the best customer service in the industry. Period.

At Zodaka, we love win-win partnerships and are always looking to create new opportunities within the industries that we operate. We are dedicated to protecting buyers and sellers by creating an exclusive network of vetted and legitimate businesses and consumers. Gone are the days that companies in high-risk industries need to feel like second class citizens in the financial world.

Our team understands the complex realities facing high-risk businesses and look forward to helping our business partners overcome each and every one of the payment processing and banking obstacles standing in their way. Zodaka is entirely domestic, doesn’t require rolling reserves, and won’t shut down overnight. You can sleep well knowing that your business will be able to process payments in the morning, every morning. We’re the future of payment. Drop us a line at to find out more.