What is Zodaka?

We’re glad you asked!

Zodaka is a fully secure payment system like Venmo or PayPal. Once you create an account you are ready to buy products from any merchant on the Zodaka platform. Here’s how we’re different:


Keep Your Money Safe

Our system is highly secure, and we use the same security protocols as every major bank as well as the CIA, NSA, and FBI. Zodaka applies multi-layered 256-bit Hash Encryption with Authenticated JSON Web Tokens.


Buy What You Want

With Zodaka you can buy all kinds of products that you typically can’t use other payment systems for. Specifically, you can use your Zodaka account to buy cannabis, CBD, nutraceutical and adult products from any merchant on our platform.

It’s true!
The Zodaka Payment Gateway is fully built to operate in the booming legal marijuana and CBD markets. Along with these two industries, you can use Zodaka for a whole host of other “high risk” items including adult products and nutraceuticals.

Zodaka frees your money so you can use it how and where you want it. Our system meets all applicable laws and regulations, is super easy to use, and totally secure. And hey, if you don’t like it? Let us know how we can do better at support@zodaka.com.

Happy Shopping!
The Zodaka Team