What is Zodaka?

We’re glad you asked!

Zodaka is a fully secure payment system like Venmo or PayPal. Once you create an account you are ready to buy products from any merchant on the Zodaka platform. Here’s how we’re different:


Keep Your Money Safe

Zodaka guarantees system security by utilizing a number of programs working in conjunction. Every piece of data we implement is encrypted with SHA (Secure Hash Algorithm) 256-bit security, a cryptographic system designed by the NSA. We use JSON Web Tokens (JWT) to authenticate registered users, as well as standard HTTPS Web-Protocols and a closed-session system.


Buy What You Want

With Zodaka you can buy all kinds of products that typical payment systems like PayPal or Square either won’t allow or charge extra-high fees for. Your Zodaka account frees you up to easily purchase cannabis, CBD, nutraceuticals, and many other high risk products from any merchant on our platform. Simply put, Zodaka takes the Risk out of High Risk Payment!

It’s True!
The Zodaka Payment Gateway is essentially a debit card without the card. Designed to operate in the booming legal cannabis, CBD, and nutraceutical markets, Zodaka is safe, streamlined for ease of use, and faster than entering a credit card. Creating a Zodaka customer account takes less than two minutes, while paying with an existing account is blazing fast. Got questions? Reach out to us at Info@Zodaka.com or send a message to @Zodaka on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Zodaka frees your money so you can use it exactly how you want to. We're constantly working to improve our system, and that's why we need your feedback. Drop us a line at Info@Zodaka.com anytime and let us know what we can do better! Until then...

Happy Shopping!


The Zodaka Team