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take the risk out of high-risk payment

No Hoops. No Tricks. No Chargebacks. No Headaches.


Why Use a Zodaka Merchant Account?

Simple Sign-Up and Set-Up
From signup to processing in 1-2 business days. Our approval rating for new merchant accounts is over 99%.
Zodaka Becomes Your Payment Button
Customers simply select Zodaka as their form of payment. The funds transfer directly to your account, meaning that at no point in the process does Zodaka hold your money.
Join Our Universal Payment Network
Any customer that has used Zodaka before can purchase your products with their account login.
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Get Paid Fast

We Make It Easy

Immediate value transfer from customer to merchant means that money can settle in your bank account in as little as one business day.



Simplify Payments

Track Your Money

Our back office suite maintains a full ledger of every transaction so that compliance and accounting is easier than ever.



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Ask Us About

Our advantageous buy rates

Streamlined merchant onboarding for faster close times

Indefinite revenue splits

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Zodaka Differ from Other Payment Alternatives?
  • Credit/Debit Cards
      Due to federal regulations surrounding "high-risk" products and industries, domestic credit card companies (i.e. Visa, Mastercard) are not able to process high-risk transactions. There are workarounds that companies use to mitigate this issue (proxy-based transfers, point of banking solutions, offshore banks) but these create added costs, delays in settling for the merchants and customers, Card declined transactions, and are subject to shutdowns.
  • ACH
      ACH, which stands for Automated Clearing House, is one of a couple of ways that a direct transfer can be made quickly and easily between two parties. ACH falls under banking regulations that Zodaka’s system does not.
  • E-Wallets
      Zodaka does not require preloading of any kind. E-wallet solutions can take time to set up, sometimes multiple days. Zodaka is connected to the end-users bank account and the merchants' bank account, so funds can transfer directly as soon as the account is created. Zodaka never holds the customers' money (unlike an E-Wallet) so our partners' money is safe in the event of complications.
Is Zodaka’s Process Reliable?
Yes. Unlike most payment processing systems Zodaka’s service is impervious to regulatory shutdown. We operate entirely domestically, legally and utilize the highest level of security available.
Is Zodaka’s Service Scalable?
Our service is very scalable and is designed with a high volume of transactions in mind. This scalability carries over to merchant and customer on-boarding as there is no cap to the volume of sign-ups we can accomodate.
Is It Legal?
Yes. As a financial technology platform we are allowed to connect to business and consumer bank accounts to enable secure direct transactions while operating legally under different government regulations than banks and credit cards.
How Does the Underwriting Process Work?
We run every account by underwriting experts and maintain a 99% approval rate. This process includes some simple background checks and risk-assessment.
How Does Zodaka Ensure Security?
Zodaka guarantees system security by utilizing a number of programs working in conjunction. Every piece of data we implement is encrypted with SHA (Secure Hash Algorithm) 256-bit security, a cryptographic system designed by the NSA. We use JSON Web Tokens (JWT) to authenticate registered users, as well as standard HTTPS Web-Protocols and a closed-session system.

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