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Payments for high risk industries ineligible for credit card processing with jordan friedman of zodaka (Podcast)

“There are still industries that we can’t work with for traditional credit card processing, such as legal cannabis and (recently) CBD. If you’re a legal business that has tremendous difficulty finding credit card processing, is cash the only option?

The answer to that is a firm, “no” thanks to a company like Zodaka… which offers payments solutions for high risk businesses like those in the Cannabis industry and more. Scott was joined by one of the founders of Zodaka and current CEO, Jordan Friedman who had a lot to say about payments for high risk businesses, how Zodaka works, and fintech in general.”

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6 reasons why the cannabis industry should join the cashless revolution

“In the not too distant future, cold hard cash will likely be obsolete, and the cannabis industry needs to be ready to adapt. Here are six reasons cannabis businesses should stop procrastinating and join the cashless revolution now.”—Carson O’Connell, Director of PR & Marketing, Zodaka

Cannabis reform bills: what industry insiders think

“The truth is no one really knows when or if it might pass, but momentum is picking up. If California successfully creates a framework for opening up more banking, then other states will follow suit. Federal [banking] regulation change is anyone’s guess. Major movement is very unlikely with the current administration and congress. However, some in the Republican party are beginning to change their beliefs about cannabis.”—Jordan Friedman, CEO, Zodaka

Marijuana Entrepreneurs wary of copycats

“Jordan Friedman, chief executive of Zodaka…said that one of his competitors, a cryptocurrency-based cannabis payment solution, recently took ‘several large swaths of our design and verbiage for use on their own site.’ While…”

THE PERILOUS PRACTICE OF BANKING ON POT Rep. Blumenauer’s Plan to Decriminalize Receives Praise from Cannabis Industry

“‘Representative Blumenauer has put forward a very ambitious plan with many great ideas,’ Jordan Friedman…”

The CEO of Zodaka gives us a fresh take on how the next-gen can take over cannabis

“Over the phone, Zodaka’s CEO addressed the misconceptions the older generations might have about the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry…”

Raising Cannabis Capital

“David Ehrlich and Jordan Friedman, co-founders of Zodaka, chat with MJBulls about cannabis capital…”

How Zodaka Makes Cannabis Banking Foolproof

“Jordan Friedman, the young entrepreneur behind Zodaka, a company who is tackling a vital aspect of cannabis banking…”

AG Jeff Sessions Was (Basically) Fired: The Cannabis Industry Reacts

“In the opinion of the CEO of Zodaka, the impact of Jeff Sessions’ “resignation” on the cannabis industry remains to be seen…”


“David Ehrlich, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Zodaka, a payment system for high-risk merchants, is a personal believer in Musk’s extreme ambition…”


“Cannabis in America is still federally illegal, even in states with legal medical marijuana programs. Therefore, state-legal medical marijuana transactions are mostly conducted with cash.This cash is not allowed to be deposited…”


“For too long these industries have had to deal with ridiculous workarounds to operate like any normal business would…”

What If Visa Says You’re Illegal?: Zodaka Offers Payment System for Cannabis Business

“Last year, American online retail sales totaled some $445 billion. With each transaction, both customers and retailers trust that third parties will process payments quickly and accurately…”

Which Way Will Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Rule On Marijuana?

“The nominee has never ruled over cannabis matters. With the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, Americans are rife with speculation on how he feels about cannabis. Kavanaugh has never ruled directly on cannabis…”

Is This the Solution to the Marijuana Banking Problem?

“There are many aspects of the marijuana banking problem that are a long way from being solved. One of the biggest problems is payment processing – getting money from consumers’ hands to marijuana businesses’ bank accounts…”

A startup challenges the high-risk status of legal pot sales

“Seeing an opportunity to address the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry’s needs for payments processings, Zodaka is launching with a system that focuses more on price than process...”

Luxury Cannabis Products Are the Industry of the Future

“Not everyone involved with the $10 billion legal cannabis market in North America has to grow the plant to make money. There are hundreds of companies making money without growing…”

Effects of the Black Market on the Legal Cannabis Industry

“Legalization was supposed to end cannabis-related organized crime. However, despite recreational and medical legalization spreading like wild fire across North America and Europe, the black market…”

Understanding Payment Processing in the Cannabis Industry

“Because the cannabis industry in the United States is still technically illegal on the federal level, many banks are hesitant to accept or handle the money that is involved in this ‘high-risk’ trade...”