How Do Other Cannabis Payment Solutions Compare?

The E-Wallet

This system requires customers to preload an electronic wallet with funds before any sort of payment can be made. This preloading can take up to several days, and customers cannot access these funds once they are in the wallet except to spend them at merchants on the system. Zodaka requires no preloading, and your money remains yours until you decide to spend it.

The Spinner AccounT

This is a system where businesses constantly switch between merchant accounts to try and stay one step ahead of regulators. However these systems are illegal and non-compliant by nature. When using these workarounds merchants need to constantly worry about having their payment services shut down. With Zodaka, you set up one account and use it forever, no switching needed.


This solution involves securing businesses merchant accounts based in overseas territories like Cyprus or China. Maintaining these accounts can cost merchants upwards of 10% transaction fees, and they will also maintain a rolling reserve which can be well over six figures. When the specific offshore solution is shut down (which they all eventually are) the American merchant has no recourse for recovering that money due to cannabis being federally illegal in the U.S.

Point of Banking Solutions

Point of Banking Solutions (or P.O.B.s) are systems that illegally harness the ATM network to code marijuana purchases as cash withdrawals rather than debit card payments. Customers can tell when a dispensary is using a P.O.B. system because they have to round the transaction to the nearest $5 and return the change to the customer.


Cryptocurrency solutions work by accepting the user’s money at the point of sale, transferring it in some sort of digital currency like bitcoin or litecoin, moving it to the merchant’s bank account, and transferring that coin back into hard currency. The problem with this sort of system is that cryptocurrencies are, by nature, unstable. Take the recent collapse of Bitcoin or the even more recent shuttering of Stablecoin (a cryptocurrency literally built to eschew the problems with other crypto softwares). . Zodaka operates in U.S. Dollars, a system which, suffice to say, has a bit more history to fall back on.


The system most cannabis buyers are familiar with. Cash only stores don’t accept any forms of electronic payment. You can only purchase products using cold hard currency.”