Using Zodaka

"Fast and Reliable"

Pick Out Your Products
Head to the online menu of your favorite store and fill up your cart with awesome products. Once you’re all done, head over to the checkout page.
Instantly Purchase With Zodaka
At the checkout page just select “Pay with Zodaka”, review your order, and click “Complete Payment” once you’re satisfied. That’s it!
Track Your Money
Access your transaction history at any time via your Account Portal

Getting Zodaka

"Quick and Easy"

Start by creating account here, or at the point of sale.

If you are at checkout without a Zodaka account, don’t panic! All you need to do is click “Pay With Zodaka”, then select “Sign Up” at the bottom of the login page. Create and verify your account in under a minute to immediately make purchases.
Connect Your Bank
Quickly connect your bank using your normal online banking credentials (Zodaka will never store ANY of your sensitive banking information). Just select your bank, enter your normal bank login credentials, and pick which account you want to connect.
Note: Remember, you can switch your connected account at any time via your Zodaka Account available here.
Confirm Your Information
Depending on which ecommerce service or P.O.S. platform you are using, you may also need to confirm your billing address before finalizing your Zodaka account. Don’t worry, this only takes a second!
Use Zodaka To Pay
Once your Account is created our system will redirect you to the Pay Now page . From there, just click “pay now” and you’re done.
How We Protect Your Data
Zodaka maintains cybersecurity on par with any major banking or government institution to ensure the safety of your cannabis payment information. Find out more here .
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